Environmental policy


Our promises

It is important that the business community takes the environment into account. This is especially important in the computer industry. The goal of Computator is to deliver products that will simplify and improve in daily life. However, such products are not the most important thing for man. Instead, the most important thing is that the land on which we live is a safe and secure place. Only then can we become interested in attractive products.


Gemensam policy

We shall abide by the state and municipal environmental laws and regulations that exist and comply with international environmental agreements. In addition to these mandatory requirements, we will voluntarily reduce any negative impact on the environment.

We shall strive to avoid the use of substances that have a negative impact on the environment, reduce waste and / or use reusable materials, save energy and materials through part of the whole circle: delivery, use and finally recycling of products.

We evaluate our environmental system every year and work continuously to improve our environmental goals.

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