Getting out of a computer virus can be devastating. It may be enough for someone to download a file or to insert an uncontrolled CD / DVD into a machine. A virus attack can spread rapidly in the network.
Viruses are a problem and the solution is usually simple. You protect your users by installing a virus protection, while all the important data is on shared disks that are protected by backup.

But there is still a lot that can go wrong, and when something has happened, the biggest danger is often the fear that can lead to large costs. There are many instances where clearing computer viruses cost significantly more than was necessary. If something has happened, a security consultant from us can help assess the danger, suggest measures and also prevent problems, by reviewing the virus protection and checking that the solution is adapted to the company's other routines.


Computator designs a user-friendly interface and a secure computer program for backing up your critical data.

key Benefits
Safe, secure and offsite storage (located elsewhere)
Easy to use, end all manual operations with copy to tape etc.
Daily or hourly offsite backup
Fully automated
Low cost
No hardware to buy

Every night at a specified time, your computer / server connects to our Backup Server and uploads your data. Your data files are transferred over the Virtual Private Network (VPN) as encrypted files. Because you are connected to our server with your own account settings, other people's access to your data is blocked and stored securely. Resetting a file / folder when needed is also fairly easy via an easy user interface. The files will be reset through the VPN tunnel and automatically be decrypted and ready for use.


Our cloud-based networks are a new way of designing corporate networks that can deliver first-class networking capabilities around the world, through various applications that require no investment in networking equipment.

Unlike traditional hardware-based solutions, our cloud-based networks are extremely simple, enabling the corporate network to be deployed to remote locations and within a few minutes can be accessed and operated from all corners of the world in a very secure way, while maintaining a better centralized level of control and network visibility is achieved. These services are also subscription-based.

Dedicated Server

We can offer you dedicated servers without any investment whatsoever.
A dedicated server means that you do not share capacity with anyone else, in other words, your own hardware. You rent the hardware from us and we take care of all the technical stuff as usual. You then have complete freedom to use the hardware yourself according to your needs and needs.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a service that offers unbeatable mobility and features such as shared calendars and contacts as well as shared folders.
You always access current information via e-mail client, mobile phone and via a webmail with the same functionality as the e-mail client Outlook.


For different areas:
All organizations with very mobile staff.
Customers who need to access information in your data network / intranet.
Customers who do not want software-based VPN clients.
Customers who want to reduce their administrative costs.


Since its inception in 2007, Computator has built up a solid expertise in the total data area. Our knowledge and experience encompass both hardware and various types of software. Today, we are also partners with most of the more important suppliers and can therefore offer all the components necessary for each customer to build either a standardized - or a unique need for each customer - well-adapted and optimally functioning total solution for the infrastructure customer need.
Companies need to focus their human resources on the core business and therefore do not usually have the specialist expertise in IT needed to find the right solutions, implement these and take responsibility for operations. Suppliers of hardware and software want to sell optimally but take no real responsibility for the customer's real need for data investment, installation and support needs after installation and during operation. They also do not disclose the risks and dangers that may arise if installation and operation are not handled by specialists. Data security has become a fashion and a keyword - but data security must be built from the ground up based on the needs and risks that come with each type of hardware, network solution and the systems the customer uses. Our consultants and technicians have this expertise and therefore more and more of our customers have realized the financial benefits of allowing Computator to take total responsibility for their IT investments, over networks and over selected parts of support and operations.

Our total solutions may include selected parts of:

Needs analysis with suggestions on configuration and solutions for system and hardware.
Total price for different types of solutions accepted by the customer.
Installation with user support.
Tests of installed hardware and software.
Network installations with operational responsibility.
Security analyzes with proposals for action programs.
Solutions for secure data storage - backup with secure and fast recovery of lost data.
Web hosting - ultra-modern and affordable solution.
Innovative web solutions with websites and applications - all based on the customer's own needs.
A growing number of our loyal customers have realized the economics of allowing Computator to take on a continuous responsibility for their IT installations. By signing support agreements with us, they increase their productivity while also receiving a constantly guaranteed ultra-fast support and a discounted price for our efforts.


Computator offers help in identifying and quantifying risks in data security and proposes action programs to solve them. We have standardized solutions, but also help to adapt them to tailor-made solutions that best fit each customer's unique needs. Our security consultants also offer specialized security analysis with impact assessment of risks, testing of unauthorized data breach, consultation and internal training.
Security in IT is about much more than just installing a firewall and an updated antivirus software. It is also not enough to make your own routines to make methodical copying and security storage of strategically important information for the company by various means. It is about doing a total review of what information is strategic, what needs to be stored, how quickly you must be able to recover lost information about the accident, how frequent copying must be done, what storage medium to use, how to store security and how often, how security storage should be protected against fire and burglary, who is responsible for all these routines, at what price and what to do if it still has not worked. The key point of the security problem is, of course, what real awareness and real knowledge about data security is within each organization and whether the systems and routines that exist are really reliable.

The tests and analyzes that Computator can offer will help our customers gain knowledge of the risks they may be unaware of.

We can offer in four general steps:

Vulnerability analysis with penetration test
System review with risk analysis
Evaluation of data security level
Proposal and implementation of company-adapted process methodology for security, storage and access of important data
We also have our own unique products that we can offer to our customers in a cost-effective way to eliminate shortcomings in data security. 

Web programming

The effort to create a name on the Internet needs to be done with the help of professional staff. Computator has a professional team of programmers and designers (web designers) to help you create an identity of your company on the Internet. We not only offer a comprehensive picture of your company on the Internet at a good and reasonable price, but also an efficient and functional domain for your company on the Internet.
The competition for customers on the Internet is intensifying every day. Internet users are becoming more and more demanding in terms of services and expect a better quality of a domain visit. Our professional design will attract your customers and retain your visitors.

Simplicity combined with vigor, we tailor programs to your own wishes.

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